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The Great American Insurance faced increasing call volumes to agents, prompting the necessity for their customer app portal to accommodate standard transactions, a service already offered by competitors online. With an older demographic among policyholders, they aimed to leverage online application tools to diminish agents' data entry tasks. Despite implementing the necessary tools on the customer portal, customers persisted in contacting agents for routine online transactions.


As a pure research project, I performed a thorough evaluation by applying Nielsen's 10 usability principles and Google Lighthouse scores to assess both page-to-page analysis and site performance/accessibility. Additionally, I conducted customer interviews to develop personas, distinguishing various customer segments. Extensive collaboration with the development team identified gaps and opportunities to maintain functionality while enhancing the front-end for a more intuitive user experience.


  • Marketing and technology teams initiated collaboration.

  • The in-house development team acquired knowledge of user research and accessibility metrics.

  • Antiquated "dead code" and systems impacting application performance were identified in the final research report.

Insurance Company Evaluation Examples
Roles: User Research  |  Analysis  |  Accessibility Evaluation
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